Show Rats

Our Rats are Beauties All

Whether you visit us, or merely look at our website, you will see that our rats could all be show rats. That's because our pet rats are just as beautiful and docile as our show rats. So no matter which you're looking for, pet rat or show rat, Pacific Gems Rattery is the rat breeder you're looking for.

About Our Show Rats

Over the course of our twenty years of raising show rats, we have gathered an impressive number of clients who return to us whenever they want to adopt a new pair of show rats. Now, that may strike you as odd, our using show rat and adopt in the same breath. That's because when they get their rats from us, they adopt them, they do not buy them. They pay a nominal fee, not the exorbitant price other rat breeders who may not even have standards as high as ours, charge.

We are members of NARR, AFRMA, and NARR, and as such all our show rats meet their high breed standards. So if you're looking for new rats to enter into a rat show, you'll be happy with ours.but show rat or pet rat, all our rats have excellent personalities as well as beauty because we breed all our rats for temperament as well as health and sturdiness.

If You're Looking for It, We Have It

We're known for specializing wide variety of colors specifically called for in AFRMA standards


  • UK Mink

  • UK Cinnamon

  • UK Pearl

  • Russian Blue

  • Black Self

  • Agouti

  • Beige

  • Fawn

  • Chocolate

And we work with an amazing amount of varieties, too many to list here, but you can find them on our website. So yes we're the Show Rat Breeder San Diego show rat hobbyists look to for their prized show rats - prized, as in prize winners, but also prized in the sense of being loved and cherished. We make sure of that because we require all our clients to fill out an application before becoming part of our Pacific Gems Rattery Family.