Rat Breeder

Please Don't Call Us a Pet Store

Pacific Gems is proud to say we care for our rats, as in really care for and about them from the day they are born and long after they leave us for their new homes. As the premier rat breeder San Diego is proud to have, rat aficionados come from all over the region to adopt one of our gems; thus our name Pacific Gems. As for Rattery, if you've never encountered the word before, it's an archaic word for a place where rats live and are bred. So yes, in short, we are a rat breeder but we're so much more.

We Appreciate Our Rats For Who They Are.

As one look at our website will tell you, we regard each of our resident rats as more than breeding stock. Each is a loving charge. We appreciate that each has a distinct personality and we take the time to impress that upon our customers so they will know that any rats they take home also received loving consideration while they were here with us. And that begins on day one because raising rats is a matter of love for us. In fact breeding rats started for us as a hobby.

Two Reasons Why You Can' Buy a Pacific Gems Rattery Rat

While you can buy a rat at a pet store, you can't do that here - on two counts. Number one you cannot buy a rat since we only let our rats leave in pairs. Number two - you don't buy our rats. You adopt them. This is because we care. And while we do charge a nominal fee, it's only to cover a small portion of our expenses.