Our BASIC MIX is made with high quality ingredients and designed to support maintenance of the adult rat. Made following the principles of The Shunamite Diet this mix is a complete formula for all adult rats. This mix is formulated to have 16%  Protein and 6% Fat content.




  • INGREDIENTS - Rolled 9 Grain Cereal*, Flaked Green Peas, Pasta*, Cereal*, Red Lentil*, Einkorn*, Kamut*, Rye*, Spelt*, Wild Rice*, Milo*, Emmer*, Red Quinoa*, Barley*, Dal Mung Beans*, Dog Food, Dried Worms, Hemp Heart Seeds*, Sesame Seeds*, Flax Seeds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Dried Vegetables, Shredded Coconut*, Goji Berry*, Banana Chips*, Diced garlic*, Horse Muesli, Lab Blocks, Raisins*, Diced Almonds*, Diced Pecans*, Diced Cashews*, Kelp Granules*, Freeze Dried Green Lip Mussels, Dried Salmon Skin, Rice Crackers*, Dried Porcinni Mushrooms*, Bee Pollen*.

    *Organic and non GMO Ingredients

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