All of our rats are priced the same. Although this is our passion and our hobby there is a lot of care that goes into raising and breeding rats. Our rats are fed Teklad Lab Blocks with a mix of organic grains, dried herbs and veggies, dried pasta and seeds. They are also fed organic fresh veggies/fruits and legumes daily.  We offer autoclaved lab quality Sani Chips bedding which ensures us that there are no mites/lice in their bedding. 

We also put a lot of work into our lines, striving to breed rats with great temperament and longevity. With that said, the care that we provide our rats is the same no matter what variety or color they are so I feel that it is only fair that they are priced all the same.  We do offer discounts for return customers and purchases of 3 or more rats at once.


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Located in San Diego, CA

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