All of our rats are priced the same. Breeding is my passion and my hobby and there is a lot of care that goes into raising and breeding rats. My rats are fed a homemade grain mix based on the Shunamite Diet made of organic grains, dried herbs and veggies, dried pasta and seeds. They are also fed organic fresh veggies/fruits, legumes and a mix of protein and healthy fats at least 4 times a week.  I use lab quality Sani Chips bedding in their litterboxes which ensures that there are no mites/lice in their bedding. All of the cages also have a Bioactive substrate. 

I also put a lot of work into my lines, striving to breed rats with great temperament and longevity. With that said, the care that I provide my rats is the same no matter what variety or color they are so I feel that it is only fair that they are priced all the same.  I do offer discounts for return customers and purchases of 3 or more rats at once.