Updated: Feb 5, 2021

While I’m working on updating the website, I decided to add some blog posts about my favorite cages, bedding, toys and some of my rat’s favorite things.

I get a lot of messages asking for recommendations so these blog posts will be great for future reference.


Critter Nation ($130 to $240)

My favorite cage is the Critter Nation from Midwest. This is the cage that I use in my Rattery. Both the Single level and the Double Critter Nation are great cages for rats. It offers a lot of space for hanging toys, hammocks, ladders, ropes and the double doors make it a breeze to clean.

Rats are fossorial and love to dig so I highly recommend using a large cement mixing tub as the base of the Critter Nation. You just have to remove the bottom wire grid and place the cement mixing tub in its place. You can a deep layer of bedding that will provide lots of digging and enrichment for the rats and it’s super easy to clean meaning less mess to clean outside of the cage. Here’s an example of a Single Critter Nation with the cement mixing tub. Large cement mixing tubs can be found at Home depot for only $14.