Cage Inspiration

There are so many ways to decorate your rat’s cages! You need to make sure they have lots of places to explore, provide lots of enrichment and make it a safe place to avoid falls and injuries.

I take a more naturalistic approach when decorating my cages adding lots of natural branches, ropes, baskets and ladders.

Here are some amazing examples to give you inspiration when deciding how to decorate your cages 😊

Pictures credit to Pacific Gems Rattery.

Pictures credit to The Boho Rat.

Pictures credit to Caryn Preedy.

Pictures credit to Katy Striplin.

Picture credit to Magda Grzesiak.

Picture credit to Zoe Renee.

Picture credit to Su Oakley.

Picture credit to Louise Leite.

Picture credit to Amy Gillingham.

Picture credit to Amy Lockyer.

Picture credit to Jessie Mary.

Picture credit to Marie Pelletier.

Picture credit to Mya Steer.

Picture credit to Stephanie Soltis.

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