Choosing the right bedding for your rat is extremely important. Bedding plays an important role on your rat’s health. It helps control ammonia levels in the cage. Using a bedding that has good ammonia control is essential to ensure your rat’s don’t get upper respiratory issues like URI or Myco flare ups.

It also provides enrichment by allowing them to dig and play. Providing a deep bedding also plows you to hide treats and scatter feed.

Avoid substrates that are dusty and have low ammonia control such as:

- Paper bedding (Carefresh abe Kaytee Cozy)

- Fleece

- Newspaper

- Fabric or towels

Here are some of my top choices for bedding 😊


This is the bedding I use in the Rattery. All of our cages have a Bioactive substrate (I’ll make a blog post about it soon!) but I use Sani Chips in all of my litter boxes as well my maternity cages.

Sani Chips come in coarse or fine Chips. Either is a great choice. I use the fine variety. You can find Sani Chips at your local farm/feed store. If they don’t have it you can ask them to order it for you.

Sani Chips is virtually dust free and has great ammonia control.