Planned Breedings


Mack x Estelle

Expecting Black Self

Mack x Lilou

Expecting Black Self and Black Spotted Tabby (Marble)

Mack x Patches

Expecting Black Self Roan Carriers

Laurent x Vivienne

Expecting Russian Blue Roan Carriers

Finnegan x Charlotte

Expecting Russian Blue Irish and Berkshire (Standard, Rex and Double Rex)

Peter x Ciara

Expecting UK Pearl and UK Mink

Peter x Isabeau

Expecting UK Pearl, UK Mink and UK Cinnamon Pearl (Standard and Rex)

Sam x Sophia

Expecting Black Eyed Siamese Golden

Laurent x Hope

Expecting Russian Blue and Siamese Sable (Tonkinese) Whiteside Carriers

Minky x Luna

Expecting Pearl Merle Berkshire Blazed and Mink Berkshire Blazed (Velveteen and Standard)


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Located in San Diego, CA

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