Pet Rat Breeder

A Few Things You Should Know If You Want A Rat from the Pet Rat Breeder San Diego Trusts.

By the way, the pet rat breeder San Diego trusts referred to the title above is us, Pacific Gems Rattery, and we'd like to tell you what you can expect if you're interested in adopting one of our pet rats. First of all, we are not a pet store. That is why we refer to ourselves as a rattery. And since we are not a pet store, we don't sell rats.Some pet rat breeders may but we don't, we offer them for adoption. So even though we charge a nominal fee that doesn't even cover our expenses you can't buy one of our pet rats. But you can adopt one..

Be Prepared to Wait for Our Pet Rats

Another thing - Unlike puppy mills which have cages full of poor females existing for the sole purpose of breeding, we are a pet rat breeder that relies on only a few of our healthy beautiful males and female pairs each year to produce healthy, carefully bred baby rats. Therefore, you may find yourself on a waiting list that might stretch as long as three of four months. This is because in addition to our limited breeding practice we do not relinquish our pet rats or show rats to their new homes until they are at least eight weeks old.

Pacific Gem Rattery Rats Are Always Our Concern

Once anyone adopts a pair of our pet rats or show rats, they become a part of our extended family; a family that has grown in leaps and bounds since our first year back in 2000. As such, we provide lifelong support for any and all of our rats.

But please be aware that not everyone can become part of the Pacific Gems Rattery family.. Everyone seeking one of our rats must fill out an application. However doing so does not guarantee acceptance. Our adoption application form is available on our website but please help us make good choices by sending an email or Facebook message explaining why you want to adopt from us before sending us the completed application.