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Peter - UK Pearl

Peter is the only lap rat in our mischief. He's incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves nothing more than to just hang out with his favorite people while watching tv.

He has excellent conformation and will help improve our Pearl and Cinnamon Pearl line. 


Mack - Black Self

Mack is very laid back and loves to play with the new babies. 

He is a new addition to our Rattery and we are very excited to use him to improve our lines.

We are planning on showing him at the 2020 Winter Show!


Finnegan - Russian Blue Berkshire 

Finn is a chunk of a boy! He has the quirkiest personality and is always the first one to be at the door waiting for treats.

He has amazing conformation! He's one of the biggest boys we have and will help to add size and structure to our lines.


Laurent - Russian Blue Irish 

Laurent is Finn's cage buddy. He's more reserved and likes to sleep all day. He is incredibly sweet and loves exploring during play time out of the cage.

He is also one of the largest boys we have with great conformation and bone structure!



Ciara - UK Mink

Ciara is a little firecracker! This girl loves to explore and is extremely outgoing. She's super playful and loves jumping on our shoulder to hang out.


Her conformation is great and she will be paired with Peter when she's mature.  


Lilou - Black Tabby (marble)

Lilou is Ciara's favorite friend. These two girls have similar personalities - sweet, outgoing and full of energy. I love watching them popcorning around their cage!

Lilou will be paired with Mack when she matures.


Charlotte - Russian Blue Irish Rex

Charlotte is the opposite of most of my girls. She's very laid back and sweet and she's happiest when cuddling on the couch. She likes to explore and is also very outgoing.


She has great conformation and will be paired with Laurent soon. 


Isabeau - UK Cinnamon Rex

Izzy is such a sweet girl! She LOVES food  and is always the first one by the door for treats. Extremely confident and outgoing. Her favorite thing to do is run on her wheel.

She is part of our UK Cinnamon Line and I'm very excited to see her babies in the future.


Estelle - Black Self

Estelle is an absolutely gorgeous girl! She is very sweet and mellow and can always be found cuddling up with Charlotte. She loves treats....specially frozen peas!

She has great conformation. She's a very big girl with great structure and she will be the foundation for our self line.

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