Do you ship? 

Yes I ship! I ship to all US States and International as well. Here are the costs for shipping:

- Airline ticket - between $150 to $250

- Shipping container $60

- Cost of the rats you're purchasing

Up to 6 rats can be shipped per container if they are babies (8 weeks or older) or young adults (up to 4 months old). For adult rats we ship up to 4 females or 2 males per container.

Due to Covid there is an embargo on all live animal shipping at the moment. As soon as the embargo is lifted I will be able to ship again.


Do you sell single rats?

I do not sell single rats even if you already have other rats at home. Rats are very social animals and need to live in groups of 2 or more. Also we highly recommend that you quarantine your babies for at least 2 weeks  once they get home and before introducing them to other rats. With that in mind a baby cannot be quarantined by itself.

I only sell rats in same sex pairs or more.

When are babies ready to be adopted?

My babies are ready to go home after they are 8 weeks old. Once I have made the decision on which babies I will be keeping I will post an update on my Facebook page and will send an email to all adopters on my waitlist.