Fancy Rat Breeder

Questions You May Have About Fancy Rats

What Exactly is a Fancy Rat?

We consider one of the responsibilities that comes with being the show rat breeder and fancy rat breeder San Diego trusts is to answer the questions the public has about fancy rats. When asked what a fancy rat is, we usually start by explaining that rats fall into three basic groups - fancy rats, lab rats, and undomesticated rats, or those who live in the wild along societies.

The defining key to fancy rats is that years of painstaking breeding have endowed them with beauty and pleasant natures; calm creatures who truly enjoy contact with humans. It is a very rare occasion that a fancy rat will bite a human. And thanks to the painstakingly careful hygiene practices and testing of fancy rat breeders like Pacific Gems Rattery, fancy rats rarely carry contagious diseases that could be transmitted to other rats, or the humans who handle them.

Are All Fancy Rats the Same?

Show rat breeders have come up with and continue to add to an astounding array of looks. However, the AFRMA (American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association) only recognizes seven main varieties (a word the AFRMA uses much as the American Kennel Association uses breed). And our Pacific Gem Rats all fall into one or the other:


  • Standard - rats with short, glossy hair

  • Rex - rats with curly hair and curly whiskers

  • Tailless - self explanatory

  • Hairless - Like tailless, this is another instance where the name says it all

  • Satin - rats with a longer and more lustrous coat than standard

  • Dumbo - named for the cartoon elephant, these rats have large ears on the side of their heads

  • Bristle - with a coarse stiff coat

What About Colors?

Well, since you ask. Each of the seven varieties defined above are further divided into six sections depending on their colors and markings. These add up to 40 distinct colors and color combinations. As a show rat breeder, we are pleased to say we breed from 14 different varieties which has given us ten different colors to offer our fancy rat clients.