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How To Adopt

Common Questions About our Adoption Process

How do I adopt a rat from Pacific Gems Rattery?

Email me and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to adopt from us. You can email us at info@pacificgemsrattery.com or use our contact form on this website! 

A questionnaire will be sent to approved individuals (or you can find the questionnaire bellow). Each adopter will be placed on a wait list and contacted as soon as we have available litters.

Before picking up the babies you will also need to sign a Contract and Liability Waiver. I will send those out in an email to all approved adopters.

Please note that I do not breed very often and do not have litters all the time so the wait to purchase a baby from me is around 3-4 months. Babies are not adopted until they are 8 weeks old.

If you are a breeder interested in adopting from us please fill out the Breeder questionnaire below. Please note that I DO NOT sell to new breeders at this time. 



 Do you offer a wait list?

Yes I do offer a waitlist and approved adopters are placed on the list and contacted as soon as a litter is available.

I do not breed often so the wait time to purchase a baby from me is currently around 3-4 months. Babies are not adopted until they are 8 weeks old.

Do you ship?

Yes we ship via Delta Airlines! Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Prices vary but are usually as follow:

  • Delta Ticket - $150 up to $200

  • Approved Carrier - $60

  • Health Certificate - $15 for each rat

These prices are on top of the prices of the rats you purchase from us. 

Do you sell single rats?

Absolutely not! We only adopt rats in pairs or more. We also do not adopt male/female pairs. We only adopt same sex pairs.

How old are the rats before they are adopted?

Our rats are adopted at 8 weeks old. Dwarfs are adopted 10 weeks old.

Adoption Contract and Liability Waiver

Please note that we do have an adoption contract and a liability waiver that MUST be signed by the adopter before any purchases are finalized.

I will send an email to approved adopters placed on the waiting list once babies/rats are placed in the available page.

No rats will ever be sold without the signed contract.