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Best Rat Breeders

The Secret behind Why We're Regarded as One of the Best Rat Breeders in San Diego

One of the reasons we're the fancy rat breeder San Diego rat enthusiasts choose for their rats is because they know our rats are healthy. That's why year after year, each and every one of our boys and girls undergoes a full panel of serology testing to ensure the absence of the Seoul/HantaVirus in our rattery.

For those new to the world of rats, hanta virus is a word no rat owner ever wants to hear in association with any rats he or she brings into his home rat population. This is because rats with this "old world" rodent-borne virus show no symptoms but can spread it to other rats through urine, feces, and saliva. In rare cases humans who handle rats can also become infected. But thanks to our dedication to testing, we can say Pacific Gems Rattery is a Seoul Hantavirus-free rattery.

But our scientific approach to rat breeding doesn't end there. Not only do all our rat lines meet AFRMA standards, but we also take pains to improve our lines with each and every breeding, not just to provide for color and physical structure, but also to ensure every generation of our Pacific Gems rats has the distinct personality and calm temperament our rats are known for.

In case you are not familiar with the AFRMA It.stands for American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. Founded in 1987, this non-profit California-based club of rodent enthusiasts establishes breed standards, promotes the appeal of rats and mice as pets, and organizes shows throughout the country.

Our Care and Concern Doesn't End at Our Door

And our concern for both our rats and their owners does not end when our rats go home to their new homes. We strongly impress on our customers that they need to take the extra step of quarantining the new arrivals before introducing them to any rats already in the home. And since rats should not be quarantined alone, we require our rats be adopted in pairs.

And so there you have it, the secret of our reputation as the fancy rat breeder San Diego rat enthusiasts trust - they see the care we devote to all our boys and girls.

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