We have been keeping rats since the early 2000's. Motivated by a passion for animals and deep understanding of quality rat care, we strive to provide you with a loving and healthy companion. We continue to serve a growing client base and once you purchase a rat from us you become part of the Pacific Gems Rattery family forever!

We breed a variety of colors both for show and pets. We Also provide lifelong support for any rat that has been purchased from us. 

We are members of AFRMA, NARR and NFRS. We breed specifically for great temperament and healthy rats. We strive to continually improve our lines and breed to the AFRMA show standards. We do a full serology panel testing on all of our rats yearly. We are Seoul/Hanta Virus, Rat Bite Fever and SDAV free Rattery. 

We specialize in Show Quality UK Pearl, UK Cinnamon, UK Mink, Black Self, Russian Blue, Chocolate, Russian Dove, D'Argent (Silvermane) and Agouti.

We work with the following varieties - Chocolate, Russian Dove, Russian Blue, Black Self, Black Eyed Siamese Golden, D'Argent (Silvermane),  UK Cinnamon, UK Mink, UK Cinnamon Pearl, UK Pearl, Recessive Blaze, Irish and Berkshire.

We breed for Standard Ear and Standard Coat only.

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